Tiny House Workshop 8th June - 13th June 2017


Come and build a tiny house  at Hollyburton Park.

9th - 13th June 

 At this workshop you will build a 2.4m x 4m room on its own wheels. It’s a hands-on workshop and all the materials will be ready so everyone can be involved in the construction.from the start to finish. Rob will explain all of the hows and whys as we go. So whether you have some building experience or you're feeling daunted and don’t know where to start with tiny house construction, come along and join in.

Areas of study and construction covered:

  • Drawing up plans
  • Fixing the structure to the base (trailer or truck)
  • Stud framing
  • Fitting windows and doors
  • Corrugated walls and roofing
  • Internal wiring
  • Insulation
  • Pine lining
  • Timber flooring
  • Built in furniture
  • Architraves skirting's and cornices

 All organic food and accommodation in a tiny house is included. Arrive Thursday night for an fresh early start Friday morning finishing Tuesday afternoon.

About Rob:

Rob trained as an architect at Melbourne uni in the early 90's but couldn't handle being stuck an an office all day so he bought a farm instead. Over the last few years he has been building gorgeous studio trucks and studio rooms for his family and clients. These trucks are fantastic extra spaces - just park it, plug in an extension cord and viola you have a beautiful room or house.

The video below is of Stuart who came to the second workshop and since has been building his tiny house at Hollyburton. Check out his progress on The Tiny House Transition


Tiny House Transition


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