Organic Beef


Our organic herd of Murray Grey and Angus cattle are grazed around Hollyburton on a two day rotation so they are always on new grass.

This meat is prime beef! Its not tough dairy beef like some organic meat on the market. These beasts are tender and juicy.

We make sure our animals are cared for and in the highest health.  They are given a variety of minerals including selenium, cobalt and copper supplements. Australia is fairly low in these minerals which means we as a population are affected by mineral deficiencies. 

We use organic practices for all our animals.  

Boxes included a mix of:

Diced Beef
Organic Preservative and gluten Free Sausages
(rosemary and honey or tomato and onion)

Osso Bucco
Roast Topside &/or Blade Roast
Silverside Roast 
BBQ Steak
Scotch Fillet &/or Porterhouse
Rump Steak &/or Round Steak
Gravy Beef

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