Hollyburton Organic Farm

About Us

Hollyburton is a NASAA certified Organic Farm in the Macedon Ranges just outside Melbourne spanning 440 acres, owned by the Scott family for 23 years. We produce Organic Beef, Organic Lamb, Organic Chicken, Organic Eggs (Madelaine’s Eggs) and Free Range Pork.

Hollyburton Organic Farm is home to a variety of organic produce. With 440 acres at our disposal, we focus on quality over quantity with animals having substantially large paddocks than is required for the animals to free range. Happy, content and stress-free animals equate to far tastier organic meat and environmental care.

Over the past 24 years, we have built Hollyburton into more than just a farm. We regularly play host to a variety of workshops and events every year. We have been building Tiny House's and Studio Trucks for years and regularly host Tiny House building workshops. We also are host to The Village Continuum.

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