Studio Trucks

An affordable way to get extra space

Whether you are building a tiny house, an office or a teenage pad, studio trucks are a great affordable way to get extra space.


Rob trained as an architect at Melbourne uni in the early 90's but couldn't handle being stuck in an office, so bought a farm instead. Over the last few years he has been building studio trucks; rooms on the back of trucks. These trucks are great extra spaces, just drive and park out the back plug in an extension cord and wallah you have a beautiful room.

Check out video of tiny house conversion
it is a great little caption of what Rob does and Hollyburton farm in March 2017


  • learn to build your own

  • have Rob help you build one

  • have a custom built one

  • buy of the plan

  • buy one already to go

  • rent one for short or long term. 


Our studio rooms are lovingly hand built, to order contact Rob on 0400 989940

Studio room:studio room

  • is built on a custom built trailer for easy towing
  • Each room is unique with french doors and cute recycled windows
  • Is insulated and timber lined
  • Has a loft
  • Built in couch with storage underneath
  • shelving
  • low maintenance
  • Fully solar wired with lights and power points
This room can be easily towed to your backyard or property.  
Studio rooms are ideal for teenager pads, B&B's or a spare bedroom.
starts from $12000

 Studio House

Our studio house is similar to the studio rooms but with a built in kitchen and pot belly and custom built trailer which means its more suitable to use on the roads. Depending on size of trailer and fits cost varies. For a quote contact 

Studio Truck: 

Our studio trucks are all unique depending on the truck the windows and materials Rob can source. All our trucks have cosy sleeping spaces as well as beautiful spaces to hang out, read, write or just ponder the universe while enjoying the view. They are built on the back of old International or Bedford trucks. You can customise your trucks with add-ons below. Contact us with your specific requirements. 

If you provide your own vehicle it starts from $30,000

   Add ons include: 
- bathroom
- kitchen
- pot belly
- lofts