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Madelaine's Eggs
Madelaine's Eggs Madelaine's Eggs
The farmstall has eggs out the front but we don't have any online atm
I started my NASAA certified organic truly free range egg business in 2002 when I was eight years old as a home schooling project.

Now with a young family of my own it is my full time job and ongoing passion.
Unlike conventional free range practices, I raise my chickens from 24 hours of age, in the orchard of my families 440 acre organic farm, Hollyburton.
As the chicks grow they are moved onto grassy paddocks in a sustainable rotational system with the farms cattle. The chickens are protected by a pack of large fluffy white Maremma dogs.
All my chickens lay their eggs in insulated chook-mobiles which I designed and built with my father. Chook- mobiles are moved to fresh pasture every second day, fertilising the paddock and keeping them green for the ladies. 
With insulated roof, wooden perches, natural nesting materials and a misting sprinkler system for hot days in summer, the chook-mobiles keep the girls cheerful in any season. 
From day one they are fed certified organic feed, unlike a lot of  free-range birds that are raised on conventional feed, antibiotics and caged till they are 15 weeks of age. Organic fed is very expensive @ $1500/tonne compared to conventional feed that is $700/tonne.
I have a maximum stocking rate of 250 per hectare which is 2.5% of the national free range standard 10,000 per hectare. 
As a result my ladies have an abundance of grass, wild plants, leafy green and bugs to forage, giving a delicious eggs with bright yolks.

-My chickens are 100% certified organic.
-Cruelty free. 
-Truly free range. 
-GMO free
-Hormone and antibiotic free. 
-No added food colouring to the egg yokes. 
-No de-beaking. 
-No artificial lights keeping chicken awake at night.  
-My eggs are excellent source of omega 3, iron and protein.


Add a couple dozen to your meat boxes or order a wholesale box and i'll deliver it!
Enjoy my eggs, Madelaine 

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