Hollyburton Organic Farm

Organic Wool Doonas and Pillows

Why choose an Organic doona?:

We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. Why not make this a comfortable and healthy experience? Most major retailers use synthetic fibres and plastics, unlike our 100% natural organic wool filling and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton casings.

Organic cot wool-doonas: A baby is even more sensitive than you are to the effects of chemicals in their environment, through their delicate, thin skin, and their brand new respiratory system. Especially for babies, choosing organic bedding is an investment in the health of your baby.

Choose between Summer or Winter

Wool breaths so you can have a thicker doona than you need. If your bedroom is heated or you live in a more temperate climate then you could use a summer doona all year round.

Cot doonas are summer only

Using 100% organic wool from Hollyburton and other certified organic farms. The wool is lightly needled for stability and sewn into a naturally 100% organic unbleached cotton casing.

Hollyburton Wool-Pillows 100% Organic

100% Wool pillows handmade with an organic Hollyburton wool and sewn in an organic cotton casing.

Care instructions:

Air in sunlight and spot wash.
Do not machine wash.
(Machine washable wool doonas are chemically treated with chlorine and artificial resins)


We’re in heaven! We absolutely LOVE our new king-size winter wool doona and the pillows you made for us are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much! I’m ready to order the summer version now...
Thanks again, your product is truly superb, and your customer service is excellent! 
H.G. from Moorabbin East
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